Voodoo Ride

At Flight Motors Pty Ltd, we boast a comprehensive supply of parts as well as servicing all makes and models of vehicles.

Property in goods does not pass until payment is received in full.
Non genuine Parts
All non genuine parts and accessories are not covered by franchise warranty.
All non-stock, V.O.R., and emergency procurements including H.S.V parts are non returnable.
Items Ex stock and procurements from local suppliers may be acceptable for credit if
  • Invoice number is quoted
  • Cash sales docket accompanies goods
  • Packaging is in re-saleable condition
All returns will be subject to a handling charge.  Late returns charges will be applicable as follows:
  • Return within 14 days Full credit
  • Return within 15 30 days 15% reduction
  • Return within 30 days non returnable
The following goods cannot be returned for credit under any circumstances
  • Merchandise specifically cut to length
  • Goods specifically made, treated or purchased for the customer
  • Goods Damaged or altered in any way by the purchaser including painting
  • Electrical and non-stock lines
  • H.S.V procured components
  • Seat Belts
Freight on returns must be pre-paid.  Freight forward will not be accepted.  Freight on transmission must be pre-paid and is non refundable.  Freight and delivery fees are not eligible for credit.
Acceptance of deliver of goods returned for credit does not signify agreement to issue a credit note.  A credit note will only be issued after the goods have been inspected and found satisfactory in the opinion of the company.  In the event that a credit note is issued the customer will be advised and the goods made available to them. 
If the parts are supplied incorrectly by Flight Motors our credit department must be notified within 24 hours of delivery for return authorisation.
Goods must be checked for suitability prior to fitting or preparation.  No claim will be considered for incorrect supply against order.
Parts found to be missing kits or supplied incomplete, must be reported to Flight Motors credit department within 24 hours of delivery.
Goods returned in damaged or defaced cartons will not be credited.  All returns must be in re-saleable condition.
Parts returned for credit must be in original packages.